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Building an intercultural Bridge
between Asia & Europe.


Established in 2019, the “Asian-European Society Munich e.V.” (AES) provides a platform for students from Europe and Asia to interact with each other and establish new cross-cultural connections. Based at Technical University of Munich, we are a non-profit, student-run society that aims to foster direct interaction between students, academia, and corporates - across cultures and disciplines.


Our Vision

Building an intercultural bridge between Europe and Asia.


Our Mission

Facilitate intercultural exchange and enrich student life in Munich.


Our Values

We strongly believe in openness, diversity, and proactivity.


How we create Value

Our core activity is to organise a diverse range of events. Moreover, we are active in community building and content creation.

Public Events

Our portfolio includes speaker events, corporate workshops, and social events covering a wide range of topics.

Community Building

We strive to build a long-lasting AES community of like-minded students across cultures and academic disciplines.

Content Platform

We see ourselves as creator and intermediary of information relevant to students interested in Eurasian relations.

Why AES?

We are a strong AES community from the inside and aim to build a strong network with our partner organisations.


Felicitas Birkner

Head of Fujitsu Academy Central Europe

Given Fujitsu’s roots in Europe, Asia and its global operations, we are happy to collaborate with AES. Not only does AES bring us into contact with a diverse talent pool but we also proudly support the society’s mission of inclusion and cooperation. In today’s globalised world and digital transformation challenges, mutual understanding between Asia and Europe is no longer an elective course. It’s core curriculum.


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