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Application: Your Motivation

We are happy that you are interested in joining AES! You can find all important information from the info session to our statutes here. We would like to ask you to fill in your motivation for joining our student society in the form below. We will review your submission and inform you about the next steps as soon as possible. In case of any open questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

About AES

We want provide you a good understanding of AES and its mission to prepare you for a membership and to ensure that our activities match your interests. For this, all relevant information is collected in the info session presentation. Furthermore, we added our statues and data privacy statement. For now, it is not important to read them, however we will ask you to consent to both before becoming an "official" member of AES at the end of the 4 weeks trial period.

Your Motivation

Please answer the following questions to apply for membership at AES. We are particularly interested in your personality and general background that form your interest in joining us. You can keep each answer brief and precise (max. ~ 150 words) such that it highlights the most important aspects. Bullet points only are no problem.

Given name(s)*

E-Mail address*


Current semester or graduate*

What can you tell us about yourself? (w/o "hard facts" such as address or citizenship)*

Why are you interested in Asian-European collaboration and exchange?*

What topics are particularly interesting for you in the context of Asian-European exchange?*

How would you like to contribute to AES and which Working Groups would you like to participate in?*

What do you expect from your AES membership?*

Final consent

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*mandatory field

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