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Entrepreneurship across Cultures

Insights from DanRam

Entrepreneur & Startup Coach

May 7, 2020
11 -12 AM (CEST)



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A sizable body of research has extensively focused on the fundamental role of cultures in shaping nations, business, and individual entrepreneurs. Culture consists of patterns of thinking, feeling and reasoning. Culture influences the way you interact, how you conduct work, how you solve challenges and how you go about creating relationships. A significant impact of culture on entrepreneurship is evidenced by startup hubs like Singapore, Bangalore, London or the Silicon Valley. 

What if you do not know which culture you belong to or simply you do not have a sole culture you can connect to? What if you have lived in 10 countries, across 4 continents before you turned 30? How does such cultural diversity influence entrepreneurship? Bits & Pretzels’ host DanRam shares his story: from being unemployed down to his last penny all the way to managing over $500 million funds and becoming an advisor to the Irish government. 

Join our public AES Online Speaker Event “Entrepreneurship across Cultures - Insights from DanRam” on Thursday, May 7 from 11 to 12 AM (CEST) via Zoom. Please register via the button below.

We are delighted to welcome DanRam, a serial entrepreneur, event MC, 5x TEDx Speaker and startup coach. In the webinar, Dan will give insights from his life of living and growing up in 10 countries, from being unemployed down to his last penny all the way to managing over $500 million funds and becoming an advisor to the Irish government. Afterwards, our guest will be ready to answer questions about cultural influence on entrepreneurship in a moderated Q&A session.

The registration is open until May 7, 10 AM. Every participant will get dial-in credentials for the webinar by May 07, 10:30 AM the latest. 

About the Speaker

Daniel (known more popularly as DanRam) is an igniter. A 5x TEDx speaker, 3x entrepreneur, prolific event MC, and startup coach, his clients range from individual founders to national governments. His eclectic background growing up in 10 countries on 4 continents includes education from Yale University and Trinity College, as well as work-ex in diverse industries from the UN to consulting to private equity to startups. In Ireland, Daniel was part of the 7 person panel commissioned by Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to put together a National Entrepreneurship Policy. DanRam travels the globe as an Event MC & Speaker at over 100 events a year. Hosting changemakers like former US president Barack Obama, billionaire founders like Sir Richard Branson, record breaking athletes like F1 champion Nico Rosberg, Grammy-winning artists and celebrities. He works on 4 continents from college campuses to parliaments to in-house corporate innovation days to the biggest tech conferences in the world. His passion is to inspire people with his motto “Start Now, Start Simple” in building a future we all want to live in. You can find more information on DanRam by visiting his website or follow him on social media @iamdanram.

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