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Digital China

Insights from Jeffrey Towson

Jeffrey Towson
Private Equity Investor, PKU/CEIBS Professor

June 5, 2020
11 -12 AM (CEST)



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China and Asia are no longer just fast followers in digital. In many areas, they are now the leaders and Asia’s tech trends have important lessons for the rest of the world. What are the latest tech trends from China and Asia? How do China’s tech giants shape the future of many industries such as mobility, logistics, fintech, and e-commerce? And what is the role of China’s +1B digital-first consumers that drive the creation of superior digital businesses and infrastructure? Those and many more questions will be answered during our AES Speaker Series event with Jeff Towson on Digital China.

Join our public AES Online Speaker Event “Digital China - Insights from Jeffrey Towson” on Friday, June 5 from 11 to 12 AM (CEST) via Zoom. Please register via the button below.

We are happy to welcome private equity investor, Peking University / CEIBS professor, and best-selling author Jeffrey Towson in our AES Speaker Series. With more than 3.1 million followers on LinkedIn, Jeff is a leading voice on Digital China and Asia’s latest technology trends. We will talk with him about China’s unique tech ecosystem and how one billion digital-first consumers drive innovation in the Middle Kingdom. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey Towson

Private equity investor, Peking University /CEIBS professor, best-selling author

Find out more about Jeff and Jeff’s Asia Tech Class via

Jeff is a private equity investor, Peking University / CEIBS professor, best-selling author and keynote speaker. His writing and speaking are on digital China and Asia’s latest technology trends. His online class Jeff’s Asia Tech class is available internationally. He is one of the most followed professors in China (+3.1M followers on LinkedIn). He was also the #1 LinkedIn Top Voice for Finance globally (2017) and a Top Voice for China (2016, 2017, 2018). He is frequently cited as a global influencer by companies such as Huawei and Alibaba.

His investment and advisory work is in healthcare, primarily in the US and China / Asia. Jeff was previously Head of Direct Investments for Middle East North Africa and Asia Pacific for Prince Alwaleed, nicknamed by Time magazine the “Arabian Warren Buffett”. His latest books are the One Hour China Book and the One Hour China Consumer Book with McKinsey's Jonathan Woetzel. Both were (are) Amazon best-sellers.

Jeff received an MBA from Columbia Business School, an MD from the Stanford University School of Medicine, a BA in Physics from Pomona College and a Fulbright Scholarship in Biophysics from the Karolinska Institute for Biomedical Science in Stockholm, Sweden. He lives most of his time in Bangkok and Las Vegas. He is a huge fan of Starbucks and anything Marvel. An ex-Burger King employee, he claims he can make a 100 hamburgers in an hour.

Find a detailed bio of Jeff here:

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