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The Future? China?

Insights from Frank Sieren

Frank Sieren
Senior Asia Columnist, Best-selling Author

May 4, 2020
11 -12 AM (CEST)



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China is no longer some distant threat a long way off. China is here! Politically and economically. The Middle Kingdom is ambitious, fast and is increasingly defining the international rules of the game. The rise of China, if it continues, may be the most important trend in the world for the next century; however, there are also growing tensions and mistrust of CCP leadership around the globe. 


Join our public AES Online Speaker Event “The Future? China?” on Monday, May 4 from 11 to 12 AM (CEST) via Zoom. Please register via the following link below.


We are happy to welcome Senior Asia Columnist Frank Sieren in our AES Speaker Series. Frank wrote best-selling books such as "Neighbour China" (co-authored with former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt) and "The Future? China!". Having lived in China for more than 20 years, we will talk with him about his personal China experience as well as current developments in China. Afterwards, there will be an open Q&A.

The registration is open until May 4, 10 AM. Every participant will get dial-in credentials for the webinar by May 04, 10:30 AM the latest. 

About the Speaker

Frank Sieren is one of Germany's leading experts on China. The journalist, book author and documentary filmmaker has been living in Beijing since 1994 and writes about the developments of the new world power. He was a longstanding contributor to Wirtschaftswoche, Die Zeit, and Handelsblatt, He has published several bestselling books on China such as “The China Code”, “The China Shock”, and “The Future? China!”. Frank Sieren also convinced Germany’s elder statesman Helmut Schmidt to share his insights on China. The 88-year old Schmidt granted the young author access to unpublished meeting transcripts of his numerous talks with Chinese leaders. Schmidt is the last living German to have met with Mao Zedong. An account of these extraordinary experiences, unfolding over long discussions with Sieren, resulted in the book “Neighbour China”, which has been amongst the top bestsellers in its class since coming onto the market. It has also been translated into Chinese and has been read by China’s former President Hu Jintao. Sieren, who studied political science with a focus on economics in Berlin is one of the few German journalists, who has reported on China’s rise first hand as he accompanies this remarkable process from his unique Beijing vantage point.

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