Japan's Travel Ban – Are they really reopening now?

Insights from Davide Rossi

Davide Rossi

CEO and Co-Founder at Go!Go! World

February 24, 2022
10 - 11 AM (CEST)



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It’s been nearly two years now since Japan first closed its borders due to the pandemic. Thousands of foreigners who planned on studying or working in Japan found themselves stuck outside the country. Since then, a lot has happened and this week Japan announced to finally reopen its borders to anyone except tourists, but many details are still unknown. Will this finally be the big change that everyone has been waiting for?

In our opinion Davide Rossi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Go!Go!World, was one of the most crucial figures to communicate the state of the reopening process of Japan’s borders to the people waiting. He gave people from all around the world a chance of being heard by reporting about their struggles.

“What happened over the last two years? What can we do to change the situation? How did the border restrictions affect people, especially students?” and “What will happen from now on?” are just some of the questions that we will talk about!