Jaguar Land Rover: The Importance of a Multinational Culture and Free Trade for Innovation and Success

Insights from Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth

Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth

Non-Executive Chairman of Jaguar Land Rover

November 30, 2020
6 - 7 PM (CET)



In 2008 Tata Sons, an Indian holding and multinational conglomerate acquired Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for 2.3 billion dollars. After several different ownerships, JLR was a declining British car manufacturer during this time. Internal cultural changes, a long term perspective, and our speaker - Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth - helped to turn the tide. Today, JLR is a highly profitable, luxury, premium SUV and sports car manufacturer with a clear vision for the future of personal mobility. But what exactly made this turnaround possible? How has Tata influenced the development of JLR? To what extent did cultural differences play a role in strategy, corporate culture, and behaviours? Which role did successful management play in the complex multicultural and global company and how does it look like? How can diversity and multiculturalism help to tackle future challenges more effectively? And lastly, how important are a multinational culture and free trade for innovation and success?

Join our public AES Online Speaker Event “Jaguar Land Rover: The Importance of a Multinational Culture and Free Trade for Innovation and Success” on Monday, November 30, from 6 to 7 PM via Zoom. Please register via the link below.

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth, Non-Executive Chairman of Jaguar Land Rover and board member of Tata Sons, as a guest speaker in our AES Speaker Series! He has decades of experience working for multinational companies and will elaborate on the influence of multinational culture on the success of a global company. In the end, there will be an open Q&A.

Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth

Non-Executive Chairman of Jaguar Land Rover 

Board member of Tata Sons, Professor at the University of Warwick, Knight Commander of the British Empire

Prof. Dr. Sir Ralf Speth is a Bavarian-born engineer who has led the transformation of Jaguar Land Rover from a niche UK manufacturer to a global premium business and respected leader in automotive technologies. Under Sir Ralf’s stewardship, Jaguar Land Rover became the first premium automotive manufacturer to design and engineer an all-electric performance SUV, the groundbreaking Jaguar I-PACE. Prof. Speth started his professional career at BMW, where he stayed for 20 years before he joined Ford Motor Company’s Premier Automotive Group (PAG) and later Linde Group, the international gases, material handling, and engineering company.  In early 2010, he became Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Land Rover and a member of the Tata Motors Board later that year.  In 2016, Prof. Speth was appointed to the Supervisory Board of Tata Sons Ltd. This September he retired from his role as a CEO of JLR but remains on both the JLR and Tata Sons boards. Sir Ralf Speth is a Professor at the University of Warwick and has been a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering since 2014. In 2020, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. Sir Ralf Speth also holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, Germany, and a Doctorate of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Warwick.

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