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Diversity Now vs. Then

Insights from Thomas Sattelberger

Thomas Sattelberger

Member of the German Parliament

July 6, 2021
6 - 7 PM (CEST)



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Diversity has become a prominent slogan. Social initiatives such as the LGBTQ+, “Black lives matter” or women’s rights movement are pushing for change and demand equal rights. Politicians debate about changing the law accordingly, leading for instance to the right of same-sex marriage in Germany in 2017. Companies strive to diversify their workforce, including not just different genders, but also different religions, backgrounds and nationalities. However, levels of diversity and inclusion vary across countries, and discriminating patterns of thinking are still common. 


The diversity debate is flourishing, but what lies behind the slogan? How diverse are today’s management levels? What changed since diversity moved from a taboo topic to the spotlight of our debates, and what still needs to be done?


We are thrilled to welcome Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the German Parliament, as a guest for our AES speaker series. As an experienced Human Resources professional and driver of change in German employee development, he will guide us through the evolution of and challenges for diversity and also share his personal experience. 


Join our AES Speaker Event “Diversity Now vs. Then” on Tuesday, July 6th, from 6 to 7 PM via Zoom. Please register with the box below.

About the Speaker

Thomas Sattelberger
Member of the German Parliament

Thomas Sattelberger was born 1949 in Munderkingen, Germany. He completed his dual curriculum of business administration 1975 in Stuttgart. During his career, he held several management positions in companies such as Lufthansa, Continental, and Deutsche Telekom AG. As Human Resources Director at Deutsche Telekom AG, Sattelberger initiated a quota for the representation of women in management positions. He has been an advocate for diversity in the workplace even before the turn of the century.

After retiring in 2012, Sattelberger became more active in the political field. He joined the FDP in 2015 and was elected into the German Parliament two years later. Currently, he is the speaker for innovation, education and research of the FDP’s parliamentary group.

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