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University in the 21st Century

Insights from Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Dean of TUM School of Management

January 13, 2021
4-5 PM (CET)



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As the second-largest university in Germany, the Technical University of Munich holds a key position in shaping the future of education. A significant amount of research has emphasized the importance of diversity. As globalization increasingly influences our society as well as the economy, universities as a major source of international talent play a crucial role in today's world. TUM has been one of the most diverse educational institutes with about 34% of international students with the majority coming from Asia. 

Globalization is not the only factor affecting the economy and education. Technological achievements and digitalization open up new paths and possibilities for the world. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the dynamics of how the world used to operate, including the education sector. TUM as a university adapted itself to these recent changes very effectively, however, what does the future hold? How does the future of education look like? What does a university of the 21st century need to succeed? What is TUM’s strategy in this ever-changing world and TUM’s perspective on international students? Get answers to all these questions and take part in the discussion with Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl, the dean of the TUM School of Management. 

Join our public AES Speaker Event “University in the 21st Century” on Wednesday, January 13 from 4 to 5 PM (CET) via Zoom. Register via the button below.

About the Speaker

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl

Dean of TUM School of Management

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl is a German business economist, born in Munich. After studying physics and business economics, he did his doctorate and afterward served as a professor at Ludwigs-Maximilians-University in Munich. He has also served at Stanford University and Johannes-Gutenberg University. Since 2007 he has been serving as a professor of Management Accounting and in 2010, he took the responsibility as the dean of the TUM School of Management. 

He is also actively engaged and contributing his expertise to institutions such as the advisory council of the Munich minister of trade and commerce, Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz, Ludwig-Fröhler-Institut, Center for Energy Markets, TUM. He is an editor at Junior Management Science journal and a reviewer of several journals and conferences. Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl holds membership in various associations such as the American and the European Accounting Association, German Economic Association of Business Administration, or the German University Association. Furthermore, he has been honored with a number of awards, especially for his excellence in teaching. 

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