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Artificial Intelligence - Intercultural Intelligence?

Insights from Udo Würtz

Udo Würtz
Deputy Chief Data Officier BLP, EMEA, Fujitsu

November 18, 2021
3 - 4 PM (CEST)



About the Event

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly promising. It is now applied in a wide range of tasks, from picking good apples to predicting surgical risk. This rapid growth of AI technology is supported by the joint work of institutes from different countries, such as universities and companies. One of the main contributors in AI that works closely with European countries is the Japan-owned company Fujitsu.


Fujitsu has one of the IT world’s longest, most successful heritages in AI research and development, and continues to make strategic investments, such as extending its AI Center of Excellence (CoE) in Paris, France, whilst being a senior/advisory member of the European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) High-Level Group. Fujitsu also has a special training program about AI and other technology development for students, the Fujitsu Academy (CE).


For our next AES Speaker Series, we are thrilled to welcome Udo Würtz, the Deputy Chief Data Officer BLP EMEA at Fujitsu. With his experience in AI, IoT and Blockchain, he will guide us through the AI development in Europe and Fujitsu's role in it.

About the Speaker

Udo Würtz is the Deputy Chief Data Officer BLP EMEA at Fujitsu. He started his career at Fujitsu in 2014 and was appointed as Chief Technology Officer, EMEIA BLP in 2019. Being an engineer since 1988, he is specialized in AI, IoT, and Blockchain. He also founded GmbH, a company based in Nuremberg focusing on cloud, back-up, and storage. Another product branch from GmbH are cloud solutions from Microsoft. 

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